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Latest News

Tea Wars stock update posted 8th Nov ‘15

We have added some new packs of our Tea Wars figures to the website - codes TW-25 through TW-34 are the new firing line poses and the Home Service command group, and very nice they are, too!

Coming very soon are our new Naval packs - we have Ratings in Sennit hats and buttoned leggings, one with Martini rifle and one with Auto rifle, as well as our popular binocular and tea drinking variants in Topi hats, and a sprue of heads wearing Topi hat with unused goggles. Leading the charge is our Naval Command pack, with Officer, Petty Officer and Signalman - the two officers have separate arm variants, with Aether Pistol options, and the Signalman has a chest-mounted heliograph and is holding a compass.

Is that enough for you? No? Oh, right....

In that case, let's add Sir Weston Coyney in rebreather apparatus, Admiral Longbridge Hayes and ADC Lightwood to our Steam and Steel range of characters.

And then, going back to the Tea Wars, we have our new Lancer cavalry - we have booted and trousered legs for the riders, and 6 horse variants. Sold in packs of 2, that makes 3 packs per leg variant, and with our growing range of separate heads, you can create even more variants of your own making!

Finally, to bolster the Legends of the Middle Kingdom range, we have 2 variants for Hereward - the Noble represents Hereward as a full-blown warrior, in mail and 2 head variants, whilst the Wake shows him as an unkempt outlaw, hero of the English resistance.

We hope to get these listed over the course of November, so please keep checking back for more updates.

Ant and Phil

The Pyramid on tour posted 2nd Nov ‘15

Phew! Time for a breather - Fiasco and Hereward were great shows this year, both with helpful club members and good catering; just what us traders need on our travels!

A special thanks to everyone that turned out for Hereward and made their first event a truly fantastic day - an earlier date of September 4 next year, so if you didn't get over to Peterborough this time, make sure it's on your calendar for 2016.

Next up is to finish 2015 is Wargamer on December 6 (see http://wargamershow.tripod.com/) - see you all there!

Cheers Ant and Phil

New Tales from the Raj now available! posted 16th Oct ‘15

Tales from the Raj - the amazing range of busts sculpted by Steve Leadley - now has its latest addition in Gunga Din, the Bhishti from Kipling's poem of the same name. He is another fantastic piece of work and worthy of any collector's shelf - collect the whole range exclusively through Black Pyramid Gaming.

Here is a new link to a review on Planet Figure, detailing the three busts that comprise The Man Who Would Be King set - http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/the-man-who-would-be-king-trio-from-black-pyramid.73871/

Look for Tales from the Raj in our Tag Cloud and click to find the range. More to follow in the coming months, complete the set!

Ant and Phil

Yeoman Models Updated posted 16th Oct ‘15

It has taken me longer than I thought it would, but I am happy to announce that the Yeoman Models stock list of resin scenery has now been added to the site.

Have a look under Yeoman Models by clicking on the "Select a Brand to start shopping" tab at the top of the page or use the Scenery and Street Furniture tags for more details.

Facebook posted 11th Feb ‘15

Love it or hate it, you can't deny that Facebook is popular with an awful lot of people, and has become a great platform for gamers and manufacturers alike to show off their products and skills, be it sculpting or painting.

The Pyramid has set up a new Facebook page, under the title of Black Pyramid Gaming LLP - if you are a fan of our work, or a wargamer in general, please look us up and become a friend. We will do our best to update regularly, especially with photographs of our new stock and ranges.

Thanks very much - Ant and Phil.

WarGods Ordering Service posted 24th Jan ‘15

Following an upsurge in WarGods orders I would like to inform interested parties that Black Pyramid can, and will, order in specific requests at the end of each month, dictated by demand. So, if what you want is out of stock, please drop us an email and let us know what you require; you will be sent an invoice for payment, and notified when the goods have arrived, prior to being posted out. Many thanks to everyone who has been enquiring about this, and I hope this clarifies the situation.