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Latest News

Wargamer posted 29th Nov ‘14

A late post, sorry, but the Pyramid is at Wargamer on Sunday 30 November - new venue, Leasowes Leisure Centre, Kent Road, Halesowen, B62 8PJ - open to the public at 9.30am. We have some new stock from Yeoman Models, including some modern vending machines, a V1 jet rocket and Die Glocke. We also have our new British firing line figures, which covers our Martini Henry rifles, Auto rifles and Aether weapons.

We hope to see you there!

Ant and Phil

As the seasons turn…….. posted 5th Nov ‘14

....We start to look forward to new stock arriving!

Okay, perhaps that wasn't as dramatic as it might have been, but small steps, eh? Our wonderful casting service, Firedragon Games, has almost....almost....finished moulding our new Tea Wars firing line packs - mentioned in a previous post about three months ago, each pack will have two standing and two kneeling poses, and encompasses each of the British and Caliphate rifles and aether weapon varieties, so plenty of new figures for your tabletop!

The new cavalry will also be galloping along (yes, okay, I know....) and with six horse variants, plus a choice of sabre or lance, these will be great additions to any historical or historically fantastical skirmish game.

We are (fairly) confident that they will debut at Wargamer at the end of November, but we reserve the right to be wrong!

Ant and Phil

WarGods Ordering Service posted 4th Jun ‘14

We have updated a small restock of Wargods this month, including some Asar characters, Beloved of Sobek and the five Demigods of Olympus. Following an upsurge in WarGods orders I would like to inform interested parties that Black Pyramid can, and will, order in specific requests at the end of each month, dictated by demand. So, if what you want is out of stock, please drop us an email and let us know what you require; you will be sent an invoice for payment, and notified when the goods have arrived, prior to being posted out. Many thanks to everyone who has been enquiring about this, and I hope this clarifies the situation.

Facebook posted 18th Dec ‘13

Love it or hate it, you can't deny that Facebook is popular with an awful lot of people, and has become a great platform for gamers and manufacturers alike to show off their products and skills, be it sculpting or painting.

The Pyramid has set up a new Facebook page, under the title of Black Pyramid Gaming LLP - if you are a fan of our work, or a wargamer in general, please look us up and become a friend - we will try to update the page every week or so, if we can, especially whilst we are trying to solve problems on our website that are preventing us from loading new products.

Thanks very much - Ant and Phil.