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Latest News

An apology posted 16th Jul ‘14

Unfortunately, due to bereavement we may not be able to deal with queries and orders quite as quickly as usual and would be obliged if you would bear with us during this difficult time.

Stoke Challenge — Stoke on Trent, 13 July 2014 posted 9th Jul ‘14

Our next show will be our local Stoke Challenge, at the TA centre in Cobridge, Stoke on Trent, on Sunday 13 July, and it will be a good one - Steampunk and VSF galore with Black Pyramid and Ironclad Miniatures; Sgt's Mess; Colonel Bill's; Stoke Model Bunker; Dave Lanchester and his cast of a thousand books; Mantic Games; Warlord Games; Tiger Miniatures; Chris Morris Books; Miniaturemen; Foxhole Enterprises; Glenbrook Painting; Ainsty Castings and Stafford Games - great stuff!!!!

There will be a free figure to customers on the day, bar and food available, Bring and Buy and second-hand sellers, too. Please come along to spend your hard-earned dosh, have a great day out and support the Medical Corps charity to boot. 10am to 4pm, plenty to see and do - see you there!

Latest products posted 14th Jun ‘14

Newly arrived at the Pyramid are our new Beorn-kin cavalry; a two-warrior cavalry pack and a single Chieftain on horseback; closely tracked through the undergrowth by the man behind the legend, Herne the Hunter. I have published the new Belt Fed Gaming "adult" collectable 28mm figures on our webshop - check the top menu for Belt fed gaming or the tag cloud for Collectable. People will always be divided over the topic of bare-chested female figures but, whatever your thoughts, I hope you will agree that these are very nice figures in their own right.

We have uploaded the Timeline Miniatures buildings, though we need a picture of the Terraced House to complete those listings, and the Yeoman Models resin street furniture and battlefield accessories will be completed over thecoming week. More to finish, including some of Black Pyramid's newer figures, and I shall work my way through them as best I can over June and July.

WarGods Ordering Service posted 4th Jun ‘14

We have updated a small restock of Wargods this month, including some Asar characters, Beloved of Sobek and the five Demigods of Olympus. Following an upsurge in WarGods orders I would like to inform interested parties that Black Pyramid can, and will, order in specific requests at the end of each month, dictated by demand. So, if what you want is out of stock, please drop us an email and let us know what you require; you will be sent an invoice for payment, and notified when the goods have arrived, prior to being posted out. Many thanks to everyone who has been enquiring about this, and I hope this clarifies the situation.

New goodies posted 14th May ‘14

Hoorah! The excellent Yeoman Models range of resin battlefield accessories is now in stock - hopefully, we shall be posting them in the product listings towards the end of May. Yeoman Models produce a lovely range of street furniture that includes gas lamps, post boxes, manhole covers, and the like, to give your games that little bit of extra period feel.

We will be re-stocking our Steam and Steel range (well, most of them) in time for Triples, which includes the ever-popular Victorian Gentlemen and Vampyre Hunters - jolly good show, Firedragon!

Into June and July, and we shall be expecting some new individual figures, including variations on a theme with Sir Weston Coyney and some new Iron Men characters, plus the Dragon Lake and Beorn-Kin cavalry.

Just for information, we have had confirmation from the organisers of Partizan that, despite a problem with booking the Kelham Hall venue, it is definitely still on - it may be remembered as Partizan in the Park, but do not cross it out of your diaries!

If any one would like to pre-order for any show, then just drop us a line.


Facebook posted 18th Dec ‘13

Love it or hate it, you can't deny that Facebook is popular with an awful lot of people, and has become a great platform for gamers and manufacturers alike to show off their products and skills, be it sculpting or painting.

The Pyramid has set up a new Facebook page, under the title of Black Pyramid Gaming LLP - if you are a fan of our work, or a wargamer in general, please look us up and become a friend - we will try to update the page every week or so, if we can, especially whilst we are trying to solve problems on our website that are preventing us from loading new products.

Thanks very much - Ant and Phil.