WarGods Update 28.8.2020

We have updated our stock listings for a number of WarGods products - mainly Olympus, but also a small number of Aegyptus and Hyperborea.  

Several new Demigods have been added, as well as both Cyclopes and the Hydra, but most importantly is the addition of both the regular hardback version and the Collector's edition of the new WarGods of Olympus rulebook.  It really is a fantastic book and will give you inspiration that will last a lifetime.

Don't forget that Black Pyramid Gaming can order any of the WarGods items direct from Crocodile Games, so if we do not have items in stock please send us your wish list and, when we reach a minimum of $300, we shall put an order in.  Thanks to a new shipping company that Crocodile Games are using, shipping times have dropped to about two weeks, including time in UK customs.  Our email is: blackpyramidgames@gmail.com.